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Section/Office Responsibilities
 Sanitary Engineering First Division Planning, design, examination, coordination, and construction for wastewater sewer system (household connection included) of Yancheng, Gushan, Cijin, Zuoying, Nanzih, Sanmin, Sinsing, Cianjin, Lingya, Cianjhen, and Siaogang Districts
 Sanitary Engineering Second Division Planning, design, construction, maintenance, statistics, budget examination, and Central-Government subsidy monitoring for wastewater sewer system (household connection included) of 27 administrative districts, including Fongshan, Niaosong, Dashu, Chishan, Meinong, Gangshan, Ciaotou, Renwu, Dashe, Cieding, Daliao, Yancao, Tianliao, Linyuan, Hunei, Alian, Luju, Yongan, Mituo, Zihguan, Liouguei, Jiasian, Neimen, Maolin, Taoyuan, and Namasia
  Urban Drainage First Division Planning, design, construction, maintenance, statistics, budget examination, and Central-Government subsidy monitoring for rainwater sewer system and roadside ditches
  Urban Drainage Second Division Planning, design, construction and maintenanac of rianwater sewer system, medium and small drains, roadside drainage, for 24 administrative districts of Kaohsiung City, including Niaosong, Renwu, Dashu, Dashe, Gangshan, Ciaotou, Zihguan, Mituo, Luju, Yongan, Hunei, Cieding, Shanlin, Jiasian, Liouguei, Maolin, Taoyuan, and Namasia
  Regional Drainage Division Planning, design, construction and disaster repair of seawall, regional drainage, and other hydraulic facilities.
 Flood Prevention Division
  1. Implementation of disaster prevention and relif regulations, emergency response of flood disaster.
  2. Preparation of disaster relif: maintenance of interception stations, pump stations, water gates, simple pump control rooms, and mobile pumps. Flood drills and lectures.
  3. Maintenance and management of regional drainage, assisstance in river dredging for the Central Government
  Sewerage System Division
  1. Opearation of sewage treatment plant
  2. Maintenance and management of sewer pipelines
  3. examination, analysis, statistics and report of water quality
  4. compensation allocation
  5. Charging of user fee
  6. Development of operation and management system
Hydraulic Engineering Administration Division
  1. Water sources conservation, compensation plan, patrol plan for conservation zone, coordination of reservoir and water resources
  2. Registration, management, monitoring of water right and temporary water use, Supply of hot spring
  3. Prevention of land subsidence
  4. Land acquisition for construction
  5. Land management
  6. General application business, development of hydraulic business
  7. Estimation of hydraulic facilities
Soil & Water Conservation Division Soil & water conservation of mountains, investigation and usage planning of soil & water resources, patrolling and clamping down on illegal development of hillsides, wild stream restoration, mountain management, and flood prevention
Personnel Office
  1. Organization development
  2. Appointment, dismissal, and transfer of contract employers
  3. Training
  4. Assessment, rewards, and punishment
  5. Affairs of going abroad
  6. Management of attendance and leaves
  7. Salary and welfare
  8. Cultural and recreational activities
  9. Forming of staff club
Accounting Office Examination and making of budget, accounting, and statistics for our bureau
Civil Service Ethics Office Dealing with civil service ethics business:
  1. Civil service ethics regulation making
  2. Promotion of civil service ethics regulations
  3. Prevention, discovery, and prosecution of corruption
  4. Suggestions for development of civil service ethics
  5. Suggestion for rewards and punishment related to civil service ethics evaluation
  6. Keep secrecy of confidential information
  7. Other business related to civil serveice ethics
Occupational Safety and Health Office
  1. Direction, evaluation and management of occupational safety & health affairs
  2. Periodical meetings of Occupational Safety & Health Committee
  3. Prevention and direction management of occupational damage for our staff
  4. Training for occupational safety & health
  5. Management and promotion of occupatoinal health
 Secretariat Research & Evaluation, documentation, purchase, general affairs, information management, technical worker management, property management, cashier, safekeeping of official seals, legal system, and administrative affairs not under the charged of other sections