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Director-General Chen Deputy Director-General Chen Deputy Director-General
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Director-General (Acting director)Han,rong hwa
Master Degree in Civil Engineering , National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Grassroots public service examination third - class civil engineering in 1997
Passing the Senior Qualification Examination for Professional and Technical Personnel in the category of civil Engineering in 1998
Grade-A Technician for Wastewater Treatment
Acting Director-general of Water Resources Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
DEngineer, and Section Chief of Water Resources Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Section Chief, and Associate Technical Specialist of Water Resources Bureau, Kaohsiung County Government
Associate Technical Specialist of Education Bureau, Pingtung County Government
Model civil servants of Executive Yuan in 2011
Water Conservancy excellent staff of Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011